Jan 3, 2014

The Irony of Global Warming Scientists Stuck in 10 Feet of Polar Ice

The news finally broke about the stuck Russian science ship at the South Pole.  The research team on board was studying global warming, when an ice flow of 10 feet thick ice trapped thier ship.  In fact the ice was so thick that the Chinese and Australian ice breakers could only get to within 6 and 10 miles of the stuck ship.

I think the media bias can clearly be seen by noting that it took 5 days for the news agencies to identify the research team as a global warming expedition.  Fox News was the first to note the reality.  The other major agencies followed, presumably because the cat was out of the bag.

The captain of the expedition claims that climate change is responsible for the ice flow crashing into the ocean from an iceberg and then blowing across the bay to trap his ship.  Maybe it was carma?  Maybe he could just wait for the global warming to free his ship?

Photo: Courtesy Wikepedia Commons, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akademik_Shokalskiy
The truth of the matter is that the polar ice has grown for the second straight year and is now at a 35 year record high.  That's right the ice is thicker, stronger and reaches farther.  Global warming scientists are baffled--because they have an internal bias towards global warming.  Yet, the stubborn truth and data refuse to line up for them.  

A Washington Post writer noted, "Ultimately, it’s apparent the relationship between ozone depletion, climate warming from greenhouse gases, natural variability, and how Antarctic ice responds is all very complicated. " 

Yes, it is all very complicated, and that is one of my points. We all need to be very careful in predicting things, making massive changes to our economy and our way of life based on a single view of the world, and based on very complex models.