Feb 10, 2014

Shell Develops "Scenarios" to Plan for the Future

This is really cool.  Shell has developed a number of scenarios to project what the future of energy might look like.  Some of the surprises--we will need to produce much more energy than we presently produce.  Energy use is expected to double by 2050.  Where will it come from?  There are several scenarios which indicate in order to meet the growing demand and the specific energy density that much more natural gas and coal will need to be mined and produced.  The natural gas will be required for the high energy density needs such as cars, trucks and planes.

You can look through the Energy Scenarios on YouTube Here;  

You can access the PDFs for the different scenarios here;

There are some perspectives in the scenario presentations that presume global warming to be true and depict some sort of widespread flood.  Aside from those assumptions, it is a very interesting resource.