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Many of the things I predicted and pointed out 9 years ago have unfolded as predicted.  Costs continue to increase for areas where we do not invest in innovation.  Environmental advocates have continued to tunnel vision the discussion to only wind and solar.  I have updated the data and charts and the results are fascinating.  

The government virtually shut off all drilling and exploration of domestic fuel sources, and the costs increased.  It is very interesting to see as the conversation shifted during the 2016 presidential elections -- just the discussion of producing our own domestic energy resulted in lower fuel prices as our competing foreign energy producers responded.  

 Fuel prices are important.  A 20% increase in fuel prices results in hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the American people.  An average family may spend $3,000 per year on automotive gas.  A 20% increase means $600 our of their pocket, and lost value to the economy.  Remember the $600 checks the government sent to us once.  They sent one check and patted themselves on the back, while taking $600 out of our pockets every year thereafter.  And actually the price of green energy was even higher because fuel prices didn't go up 20%, they went up 80%.  That is a cost to each of us of about $2,400 per year.

Get the updated information and see for yourself.

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