Why a book?

I have written this book because I think that people need to be informed to make good energy decisions in directing their Government.  It is difficult to stay informed on political issues.  It is even more difficult to stay informed on a technical topic like energy and how it interacts with something as double sided as political issues.  Yet it is imperative that people stay informed and well connected to direct their Government.
Several things that have changed over a long period of time make staying informed more difficult, make people more disconnected from their Government, and divide us from each other. People used to sit on their front porches and talk to each other as they walked around their neighborhoods.  As time and transportation abilities progressed, people drifted apart and now we live and work sometimes great distances apart.  We are more distant from our families and more distant from our co-workers.  We go into work, then we come home, and those are two different worlds.  Seldom do we live close to others of our co-workers.  Seldom do we live in areas where we walk around and talk to our neighbors.  Those things would be fine in one sense, except that they have not been replaced by a quality communicaton substitute.  Men came together in parts of their daily work and discussed issues.  Old men sat in corner stores and discussed these things in light of the past.  Women came together as they worked out their daily life taking care of the home and children, or even more recently as a part of the workforce.  Today, politics is a shunned topic in those areas.  That makes it difficult to talk about life and politics with each other the way we used to.
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